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November’s Spa Treatment of the Month

Ginger & Sweet Orange Full Body Ritual

Full Body Scrub, Wrap & Massage 70-Minutes – £80

Embracing the enchanting hues of autumn, with its vibrant foliage and cooler breezes, marks a season not only of natural transition but also of profound self-love and self-care. As nature undergoes its transformation, so too should we prioritise our own well-being and happiness. The autumnal shift, while picturesque, can also usher in feelings of melancholy and weariness, underscoring the importance of safeguarding our mental health during times of change.

In this pursuit of self-love, the Natural Health Spa at Budock Vean emerges as the ideal sanctuary. Nestled amidst nature’s splendour, this spa offers more than just physical rejuvenation; it provides a haven for nurturing emotional well-being. Promoting a serene ambiance amidst the embrace of nature, individuals are encouraged not just to cherish the external beauty & change of the season but also to nurture the internal glow of self-love, making it an ideal retreat for those seeking holistic well-being and emotional harmony.

Embrace the beauty of November by taking a walk in the crisp Autumn air, enjoying the changing leaves and soaking up the last bit of Autumn before Winter arrives. Remember, taking care of your body is an important part of self-LOVE and overall well-being. So, take some time this Autumn to give your body the attention it deserves, whilst also taking care of your mind and spirit. Warming ginger is designed to warm us up on cool Autumn days and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Sweet orange is rich in vitamin C and is used help to lift our mood during the cooler, darker days of Autumn.

November Spa Treatment | Budock Vean Hotel | Cornwall