Wild Swimming & Cold Water Breaks


wild swimming budock vean sunrise

Wild Swimming Retreat
Next date: October 2024

Budock Vean’s unique location on the iconic Helford River opens up a whole world of inspiring and wonderful swims in this perfect corner of South Cornwall. Our partners at Escape Swims have put together a 3 day swimming retreat with a range of swims and activities that will leave you rested, reset and re-wilded.

The retreat includes four guided open water adventure swims with options for differing distances according to your needs alongside breathwork sessions and talks to deepen your connection to cold water swimming.  With beautiful coastal walks and river boat cruises taking you to explore these gorgeous river swims you’ll have every opportunity to escape and unwind.

Supported in every step and stroke by Escape Swims’ specialist swim coaches, and with their water safety cover, you can safely relax, join our adventure and enjoy all the benefits of being immersed in nature.

To take part in this break you need to be able to swim a minimum of 500m in open water.  For those looking for a slightly longer swim, most swims offer an extended swim of around 1 mile.


wild swimming budock vean