Massage and Holisitic

Couples Massage - 60 mins - £130
The essential couples relaxation experience - you will receive a traditional massage in the same treatment room with your own individual therapists (price for 2 people).

Hot Stones - 60 mins - £72
This full body massage uses smooth hot basalt stones to relax and warm up tight muscles. It will ease away tension and leave you very relaxed.

Reflexology - 60 mins - £65
Reflexology is a holistic treatment to stimulate the reflex points and bring balance back to the body. By applying pressure to the reflex areas of the feet, the reflexologist can locate blockages and imbalances within the body and help to clear them. 

Men's Spa Journey - 70 mins - £79
This bespoke treatment will target any areas of pain and aid recovery; particulary effective at easing an aching back and releasing tension. Hot stones and oil are applied which warms deeply, easing muscle spasms and stressed joints caused by sport, physical work and general over exertion. The journey will finish with a face and scalp massage to destress, leaving you feeling light and in peace. 


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Couples Massage at Natural Health Spa Budock Vean Hotel Cornwall
Mens Spa Journey at Natural Health Spa Budock Vean Hotel Cornwall
Reflexology at Natural Health Spa Budock Vean Hotel Cornwall
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