News from Budock Vean

Spring Poem


Please take a while to stop and smile,

To realise we’ve been blessed,

We wait.

They contemplate,

when to awaken from their rest.


Please take a while to stand back.

Enjoy the sweet perfume.

Of cherry blossom, once forgotten,

Now come into bloom.


This is the awakening:

New challenges begin,

The caterpillar’s new costume

The nectar that new bees consume.


Attractive, active, so alive,

Spring comes to us as Winter dies,

Sleepy heads from beds revive,

As new-born lambs arrive and thrive.


Please take a while to stop and smile,

Walk barefoot over grass,

Please take a while to reconcile,

Leave coldness in the past.


To look forth to the sunshine,

Our world.

Forever changing.

As foliage fights for freedom

In gardens, rearranging.

Breath in the air, so energised,

The earth beneath us fertilised,

Don’t fret.

Don’t fear.

Don’t agonise,

Allow each day to bring surprise.


How unpredictable life is,

Like hedgerows are in March,

But bigger things will grow

From all the tiny hopes we start.


Of course, Spring brings sadness,

Some don’t waken from sleep.

Fragile yet fearless little hearts,

Their slumber just too deep,


It is a fact of nature

That not all will awaken,

Not hatching or attaching,

Or their time keeping mistaken.


Those the winter stole from us.

We must do it for them!

Watch blooms in bud and birds in love,

We’re blessed to see again.


Smiles can bring us sunshine,





Poorest man to wealthy!


Please take a while to stop and smile,

These vibrant shades of green.

As Spring sirens the sun

Make sure your smile can be seen.


Kerry Vincent – February 2020