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Art at Budock Vean

Here at Budock Vean we’ve always tried to champion the best of what’s available locally. Be that food and drink, or indeed art inspired by the beautiful land and seascape of the Helford River – a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

As regular guests will know, while we have tastefully refurbished the hotel over the past few years, we have been showcasing work by local artist Maxine Hart. Her work in both charcoal and paint adorns the walls of our restaurant, hotel bedrooms and along the gallery area linking the public rooms to the hotel bedrooms.

We spoke to Maxine to find out what fires her creative imagination.

“The Cornish landscape has always been my constant inspiration from the calm to the wild weather; the trees, lanes and beaches always exposing their ever changing colours, moving line and form. My daily walks with my cocker spaniel are always the starting point to my work. Taking photos, sketching, remembering the colours, the light, informing me once back in the studio. The Helford River  is one of my favourite places to walk.  I am drawn to its imposing figurative trees, the Monterey pines, the changing tides, the vast coloured skies, lines and shapes.”

“I combine my drawing qualities in my paintings , working on a number of  paintings at the same time, responding and  informing the other. Scratching, layering, expressive marks often on board which allows me to etch the charcoal or pencil into the paint, mixing mediums , experimenting,  and ultimately moving the image on from its own starting point and being directed purely by the painting process, seeking the balance.”

We hope you enjoy seeing examples of Maxine’s work when you visit Budock Vean, and if you would like to find out more, head over to her website.