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360 tour budock vean

We are excited to share with your an amazing interactive 360 tour of the hotel and golf course, created with local firm 3deep Aerial. This state of the art experience allows viewers anywhere in the world to “explore” the hotel’s fantastic facilities inside and out as well as in the air.

The tour swoops over our 65 acres of sub-tropical gardens running down to the river, to the lay out and terrain of the scenic golf course and through bedroom suites, bars and lounges to swimming pool and leisure areas.

For the grounds and golf course itself 3deep Aerial’s Mike Postons shot the “tour” using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UVA or drone) which captured more than 50 high resolution images from all directions. These were then stitched together to create 360 degree spherical images.

The interactive tour was built using bespoke software and designed to work in highest quality across all devices from mobiles through to laptops and large screen, with responsive web technology to re-size automatically to fit any device. The result is a bird’s-eye view of the entire resort in its ravishing location on the Helford River which the viewer can explore in their own time via the click of a mouse or a finger on a screen.

“What sets us apart from standard aerial photography is the ability to see the complete aerial view of a location in every direction,” says 3deep Aerial’s Mike Postons.  “Furthermore, the interactive nature of the tour allows each user to explore the area in their own way, choosing the information that is relevant to them.”

“We’re really bowled over after months of planning and working with 3deep Aerial to see that our fantastic new tour is even better than we’d imagined,” says the Budock Vean’s owner Martin Barlow. “Anyone planning a holiday here can get a really clear impression of all our facilities in their uniquely beautiful natural surroundings – and they can plan their rounds of golf at the same time.”

The 360 degree tour gives viewers detailed information across the resort on anything they might be interested in – from kayaking on the Helford River to treatments in the Natural Health Spa and descriptions of each golf hole including men’s and ladies yardages and pars for each hole.

There are plans to expand the tour too: over the next year it will be enlarged to include a high resolution orthographic plan of the golf course, video flyovers for each of the holes and ground based 360 views for each of the greens – such as can be seen currently for the course’s 18th hole.