Nought to Superfast

Martin Barlow, Budock Vean Hotel in Cornwall

From next-to-nought to Superfast

Budock Vean has gone from having almost no broadband access to enjoying some of the fastest – thanks to new infrastructure put in place by Superfast Cornwall - the pioneering initiative to bring superfast broadband to Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

Guests at the Budock Vean used to bring their lap-tops and gadgets to one corner of a garden lounge in order to work or play on the internet – now all the hotel’s rooms, cottages,  public areas and even the scenic terrace have Superfast WiFi access – completely free of charge.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on being a lovely secluded place for people to escape the rat-race and relax in peace and tranquillity,” says owner Martin Barlow, “but we’re also very aware that in these technological days many adults and children want good internet access on holiday as well as at home and work.”

“The issue at the Budock Vean and the surrounding countryside is that we’re so beautifully secluded that the infrastructure simply wasn’t there. Now it is, thanks to Superfast Cornwall, and we and our guests are completely bowled over by the results. Our Superfast access also vastly opens up possibilities for our business clients who come here for away days and conferences.”

Edmund York has been visiting the Budock Vean from his home in Newcastle-Under-Lyme for 17 years and he is thoroughly enjoying the hotel’s Superfast revolution. “I never thought that not having easy Broadband access was a problem when we came here on holiday - we love the Budock Vean and we didn’t come for the technology,” he says. “However, all generations of our family do love our gadgets and having access to Superfast here is quite a revelation.”

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